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Common Writing Mistakes

With Dr. Robert Runte


Common Writing Mistakes # 1

Starting Too Soon

The most common mistake I see is authors starting the story way too early. They need to start with the ‘initiating incident’, the thing that makes today different from yesterday for the characters. Starting with the ‘before’ picture does NOT work, because ‘before’ was just ordinary and readers do not want to read about ordinary life. We are all already living our own ordinary lives, thank you

very much, and we bought the book for a taste of something different. Start with the action scene, start with the characters under threat and keep them under threat as the action and tension builds…no one wants to read the characters’ “Before” story, their backstory, at least not in the first 30 pages.

Written by ROBER RUNTÉ,

Dr. Robert Runté, Senior Editor at EssentialEdits.ca, and founding Chair of WordBridge.